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According to yesterday’s Cambodia Daily (“Gov’t to Restart National Adoptions,” offline only), foreigners will once again be allowed to adopt Cambodian children beginning in January 2013. Though the Law on Adoption was issued in 2009 as a result of widespread international criticism of abuses occurring in the Cambodian adoption system, the implementing regulations needed to put this law into practice have not yet been issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs, the ministry responsible for carrying out the law.

While this development is a positive sign that international adoptions may soon be permitted again in the Kingdom of Cambodia, would-be parents should temper their enthusiasm with caution and patience. Since 2009, there have been several dates announced for the revival of the international adoption process in Cambodia. Further, it remains to be seen how the US and other nations that have implemented bans on adoptions from Cambodia will react to the new policies and procedures. Even if Cambodia permits international adoptions, if the adoptive parents’ home countries fail to recognize the validity of the Cambodian adoption process, those parents and their adopted children may face years in legal limbo. Cautious optimism is the best attitude toward the recent announcement until more concrete policies and procedures are unveiled here and abroad.


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