The Blue Lady Blog shares some interesting thoughts on the oath that witnesses swear when testifying in criminal court in Cambodia. As in most countries, when someone testifies in court in Cambodia, they are sworn in by the judge or court clerk. The purpose is generally to impress upon the witness the importance of what they’re about to say, and maybe even scare them into the telling the truth. What’s fascinating is the language the clerk uses to scare them straight:

Should anyone answer untruthfully about what they know, have seen, have heard, and remember, may all the guardian angels, forest guardians, Yeay Tep and powerful sacred spirits utterly and without mercy destroy them, and bestow upon them a miserable and violent death by means of bullets, electricity, lightning, tiger bites, and snake strikes, and in their future reincarnation separate them from their parents, siblings, children, and grandchildren, impoverish them, and subject them to miseries for 500 reincarnations.

Just imagine being shot, electrocuted, hit by lightning, and bit by a tiger AND snake strikes. Yikes! I’ve done a bit of research, and have not found any country that uses such colorful language in their oaths, Cambodia could very well be unique in this regard. Check the Blue Lady’s original post for the full text.