Over the past several years, Cambodia has passed a number of fundamental laws, perhaps none more so than the Civil Code of 2007. The code’s 1,305 articles deal with a broad range of issues – from contracts, to marriage, to real estate and torts. Many years in the making, the code unifies and revises a great number of earlier laws and regulations. While there’s no way to summarize all the provisions, the titles of the code’s books give an idea of what is covered:

  • Book I: General Rules
  • Book II: Persons
  • Book III: Real Rights
  • Book IV: Obligations
  • Book V: Particular Type of Contracts/Torts
  • Book VI: Security
  • Book VII: Relatives
  • Book VIII: Succession
  • Book IX: Final Provision

Though the code was promulgated in 2007, it didn’t come into effect until late last year. It’s important to note the 2011 “Promulgation on the Law of Implementation of the Civil Code” amends and supplements a number of the Civil Code articles. Also, a number of articles from prior laws and regulations survive and are still in effect, and must be read in conjunction with the new code. In the coming months, we’ll be taking a closer look at the most significant parts of this important new law.