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A recent Cambodia Daily article reports that the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts has implemented anti-piracy measures for ten major Hollywood films currently licensed by Westec Media (owner of the newly opened Legend Cinemas movie theater).  These films (which include such blockbusters like “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” “Thor” and “Cowboys and Aliens”) will not be permitted to be sold at pirated DVD stores or shown on television.  Any store owner who sells the targeted titles will be fined and have those DVDs confiscated.

While only ten movies were the initial target of this new enforcement, more are expected to be added to the list as Westec Media acquires new film licenses.  The current movie roster at Legend Cinemas includes films such as Final Destination 5 and Johnny English Reborn and it would not be surprising if these and other currently featured films eventually disappear from bootleg DVD shelves.

With intellectual property enforcement still fairly new and copyright laws especially untested, entertainment in Cambodia is still dominated by the bootleg market.  While it is unclear how long these currently banned DVDs will stay off the shelves, it is at least one sign of anti-piracy measures being put into action in Cambodia.  To learn more about copyright law in Cambodia, please see our report here.


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