Looking for a Cambodian law or regulation? Finding publicly available resources, particularly online or in English, can be tricky. To the best of our knowledge, there is no up-to-date and complete database freely accessible. Below is a short round-up of the resources we’ve been able to find – none are perfect.

If there is a specific law or regulation you know to exist, and just need a copy, you might be able to find it on one of the sites below (though there’s little guarantee as to the accuracy of the text).

However, if you are trying to answer a legal question on your own and don’t know the specific law you’re looking for,  we would strongly caution against relying on these online resources. You might find one or two laws on the topic, but as these resources are merely a selection of what is actually the law of the land, there’s a good chance that there are other texts you’re missing. That can create a false sense of security, and set you up for real trouble should a problem arise.

So except for very basic questions where you already know which law to rely on, the Do-It-Yourself route is ill-advised. Reputable Cambodian law firms should all have a complete database of laws, regularly updated as laws come into effect. Best to ask a professional.

  • http://www.gocambodia.com/laws/ – Despite being the #1 Google hit when searching for “Cambodian Law”, this site has a small and seemingly random collection of laws. What’s worse, at least a  couple of laws (we just checked the Labor Law and Insurance Law) are missing a large portion of the provisions. It seems the texts were just cut off, leaving out all the articles after that point. Best to steer clear.
  • http://cambodia.ohchr.org/klc_pages/klc_english.htm – Put out by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Cambodia, this compilation is current through 2005. They’ve only collected “those laws and other legal instruments that are most relevant to day-to-day practice in the administration of justice and institutional development”. Khmer only.
  • http://portail.droit.francophonie.org/df-web/collection.do?databaseId=282 – This French site has a small collection, all in French, but ends in 1998.
  • http://daracambodia.blogspot.com – This is an interesting and well-intentioned effort by a Professor at Panassastra University to publish laws online. There are a fair number of laws and regulations, mostly in Khmer. Last updated in 2010.
  • http://www.bakc.org.kh/ – The Bar Association of Cambodia’s website has a fairly complete set of khmer-only texts.
  • http://www.bnglaw.net/index.php – This is one of the most complete online databases, though access is restricted. Most of the important laws and regulations are in English, the rest are in Khmer.

There are a few other sites out there, though they seem even less complete than these. Post us a comment if you come across any others you’d like to recommend.