UPDATE: Front page story in the Post today, draft has been released ahead of public consultations in January. 17/12/10

A recent Cambodia Daily article (off-line only) reports on the long-anticipated NGO Law, currently being drafted by the Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs. The article is based on a presentation given in mid-August of this year, so things might have changed since then. According to the presentation, NGOs would need to report to the government on their activities, list their staff members and responsibilities, and disclose their funding sources. Without seeing the draft itself, it’s hard to say what’s new here – as NGOs presently have certain reporting and disclosure obligations.

The draft reportedly will also prohibit any financial or personnel assistance to parties, which is likely to be the most contentious issue.

The government has kept a fairly tight-lid on the draft, but has promised to release it to NGOs for comment ahead of a public workshop, to be held as early as next month. Therefore if you are considering commencing the process to set up an NGO in Cambodia, it may be wise to delay the process as there may be more certainty about the legal framework by early next year.