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Compared to many countries, Cambodia’s immigration and work rules are very welcoming to foreigners coming  to work. Although the Labor Law states that Cambodians are to have preference in hiring, in practice there are no quotas or other limits (except in a select few industries). In order to legally stay and work in the kingdom, foreigners must have the following three sets of documents:

  • A work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor, valid for one calendar year, renewable indefinitely. This is comprised of a Work Book and a Work Card.
  • A valid passport, visa and residence permit (issued by the employee’s local Sangkat office).
  • A health certificate issued by the Ministry of Labor, Health Department, verifying that the person does not have any contagious diseases and is physically fit for the particular job.

As with all employees, the company should report the hiring of any foreigner to the inspector from the Ministry of Labor.

A recent Cambodia Daily (offline only) reports on the busting up of (reportedly) the largest counterfeit-cosmetics ring ever in Cambodia:

Seven tons of counterfeit cosmetics were seized and four people were arrested yesterday during a raid on a house in Phnom Penh’s Russei Keo district, according to Police.

Between 15 and 17 different brands of fake soap, balm, lotion and powders were seized.

As our recent counterfeit survey confirmed, fake goods are readily available in markets and stores in Cambodia. Counterfeit cosmetics can be particularly harmful, as they’re used directly on a person’s skin.

While it’s unclear how exactly the ring operated, it’s not uncommon to find branded bottles refilled with a homemade concoction on sale in the markets. Best to buy the real thing from a reputable dealer.


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