We’ve blogged before on the best way to handle a traffic accident – basically make sure you have insurance, and call your insurer to negotiate on your behalf.

According to a Post article yesterday, car insurance might soon become mandatory:

Vehicle insurance could become compulsory under amendments to the Land Traffic Law currently under consideration by an inter-ministerial working group, officials said.

Preap Chanvibol, director of the land transport department at the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, said in June that his working group had finalised the amendments to the law, and was planning to send them to the Minister of Public Works later in the month.

Though I haven’t seen the draft proposal, in principle mandatory insurance would be a very good development, continuing the Cambodian Government’s recent efforts with regard to road safety.

As it is now, most accidents are settled on the side of the road, too often with little consideration to the law itself. If all drivers were insured, the insurance companies would presumably negotiate amongst each other to settle claims, and bring suit to court when they can’t reach an agreement.

Hopefully claims would eventually be decided with reference to the traffic law.