From car parts, to electronics, to pharmaceuticals and fashion, counterfeit goods can readily be found on sale in Cambodia. Just how readily has rarely, if ever, been accurately determined. Enforcement actions are uncommon, official statistics on seizures are difficult to come by, and there have been no published surveys on the scope of intellectual property infringement.

Until now.

Our firm recently surveyed several retail locations in Phnom Penh, and recorded the brands on sale. The results show just how pervasive the problem is. Of the stalls surveyed, more than half sold at least one counterfeit. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Abercrombie, and just about any other global brand can be had for a fraction of the original’s price. The following table shows the top marks across the four categories surveyed:

The full results, as well as an analysis of the anti-counterfeiting laws, can be found in the full report.