Important changes to the family laws are in the works, particularly if you’re a foreigner intending to marry a Cambodian. The April 27th Cambodia Daily (offline only) has two articles on the matter– one reporting on a draft Family Dispute Law, and another on new rules on marriages between locals and foreigners.

First, the Family Dispute Law was passed unanimously by the National Assembly on Monday, and now goes to the Senate for approval and the King for signature before becoming law. The law sets forth new procedures for divorces, child-support, alimony, and other family matters. Though I haven’t read the law myself, together with the new Civil Code, it should fill in quite a few gaps in the present law.

In a related development, a Foreign Ministry official announced new regulations for marriages between Cambodians and foreigners. While the regulations are described as “confidential”, the article reports that both husband and bride will need to be physically present through all stages of the marriage process. This new rule seems to be in response to the recent fiasco involving Korean marriage brokers and human trafficking violations.