In the last few weeks there have been a handful of press reports of proposed changes to the Cambodian internet infrastructure. Presently, intra-country traffic – for example browsing a website on a Cambodian server from within Cambodia – passes through one of two Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). Keeping the data transmission within the country saves on expensive foreign bandwidth and increases speeds. The IXPs are currently privately run, but there’s talk of the government running a single IXP for the whole country. This raises concerns of censorship and price increases. At this stage it seems the proposals are still being debated, and it remains to be seen how it will play out.
Norbert Klein over at The Mirror provides an excellent overview of the background. Norbert’s been deeply involved since the beginning of the internet in Cambodia, and so knows what he’s talking about. He writes:

The discussion will continue. But it is now a discussion, where different persons in different high public position have different opinions, and share them publicly.